Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you offer a Fee from Refund service?

Yes, we do – there is an additional fee for processing your refund. This is also subject to your personal circumstances and any outstanding government agency debts.

Do you Audit Not for Profits?

No – we are not auditors.

Do you prepare BAS and PAYG statements?

Yes – we offer a full bookkeeping service – if you are monthly or quarterly. We can do all of the work for you or assist you in completing what you have prepared.

I haven’t done my tax for a ‘few’ years – what do I do?

Come and see us ASAP. We can help get your obligations up to date and ease the stress of having it hanging over your head. The best time to deal with outstanding returns is NOW!

I want to start a business

We offer free initial consultations, so if you are thinking of starting a business, it’s best to have an appointment BEFORE you start on your way and decide what we need to do. We can set you in the right direction from the start.

I’ve sold my house/car/trailer/dogs – is there capital gains tax to pay?

There could be. Again we recommend having a chat with us before you sell if you are concerned.

My mate pays less tax than me – why?

We love this one! Particularly if you bring your mate in and we can compare. Most of the time one of you has ticked the wrong box on your TFN Declaration, but we will explain any differences in full detail if we need. We also explain refund/payment variances year to year – we love doing the numbers!

I’ve sold shares this year - what do I do?

Keep ALL documents about share buys and sales, and we can work out the capital gain/loss situation for you.

I’m going to sell my home/investment – what do I do?

Have a chat with us before you sell so we can tell you the tax implications (if any) and what documentation you need to keep.

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I work 9-5 - do I need to come in for an appointment?

If we can’t offer you an outside hours appointment, we can do your return remotely. We still schedule work in the order received and touch base with any queries before lodgment. We utilise a secure portal for the signing of documents.

I’d like you to be my Accountant – what do I do?

Pop in or send us an email and we will get you started with access to our secure portal and let you know the necessary information we need to get started.

When is my tax return due?

Most individuals with good lodgment history are due on 15th May each year when lodging through a registered tax agent. In order to access these lodgment concessions, you must be a ‘client’ of ours, registered on our list before 31st October each year.

Business entities have varying due dates but again – a large number are not due until 15th May.

Can you process my payroll?

Yes, of course! We don’t offer employment advice or prepare contracts, but we can certainly process the pays each week and help you get the right setup in place. We can also help with superannuation each month or quarter.

This will be my first tax return – I don’t know what I need

No problem – we love helping newbies, and we will give you some advice to help you prepare for future years.

I want to finance a new piece of business equipment – what do I do?

While we don’t have to be involved in the process, we are always here to run over the tax implications before you sign the dotted line. This is always good to discuss BEFORE you commit to anything.

I want to refinance my personal/home/business loan – is this OK?

PLEASE talk to us before you do. We don’t want you making any previously tax-deductible debt not work for you. A quick phone call before you visit the bank, and we can tell you what you need to know.

I’m starting a new job – do I claim the Tax Free Threshold

Yes – if this is to be your only job
No –  if you are still working elsewhere – you can only claim it from one employer

My tax is complicated though – I have shares/rentals/investments/business interests…

It’s not complicated for us – that’s what we are here for, and that’s what we do. We don’t advertise as specialists in any area like some competitors because we are across it all. And if we stumble across a scenario we don’t know – guess what….we will find out! All part of our job and why we love tax!


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